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How to Understand the PPE Market and Avoid Scams in this Wild West – All You Should Know

The Personal Protective Equipment & Medical Products market has evolved dramatically in the past few months, in just a way that no one could see coming. This quick rise lead not only to huge opportunities but also to a lot of scams buyers should be aware of.

While the PPE market was already on the rise, thanks to new safety measures in a variety of businesses, the COVID-19 outbreak poured more gas to its growth. PPE market was valued at 40.06 billion in 2016 and was projected to get to 58.34 by 2022. These projections were made before the pandemic. 

If take a look at available data for 2020, we can see that PPE market size has already hit 55.6 billion. If this trend continues, and it looks like it will, considering early tests for COVID-19 vaccines, we can see a more dramatic rise in the market in just a couple of years from now. 

PPE – Who needs it?

The last couple of years were big for the automation industry. How is this connected with the PPE market? Well, every person working in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, transportation, firefighting, and similar industries should be protected in their workplace. 

With the rise of automated software and hardware, a lot of human workers became obsolete, and that had a negative impact on the PPE market since demand decreased. This trend stopped with the pandemic when personal protective equipment cam into the spotlight once again.

Not mentioning that PPE has became mandatory for every citizen in almost every country in the World…

When looking to source Personal Protection Equipment and Medical Products, there’s a few things you better be aware of:

Many Chinese PPE kits failed India safety tests

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As demand started to increase, a lot of new PPE manufacturers emerged, and most of them in Asia, especially in China. The first sign of unreliable parts of the PPE market was spotted when China, the world’s main supplier, decided to donate safety kits to the Indian government. It turned out that those kits are unusable since they failed safety checks. After taking a look at available data, 50.000 out of 170.000 kits weren’t good enough.

This incident created turmoil in the PPE market, and the Chinese government had to intervene by punishing companies involved in counterfeit behavior and provide additional assurances to the rest of the world. Of course, while there are a lot of factories that can provide customers with high-quality equipment, it became risky to do business with them. Finding a PPE supplier became hard and thorough research is needed before signing any contracts. Make sure you source ALWAYS from a trusted factory or from a trusted agent / partner with tracked records.

Which PPE certifications are needed when sourcing Medical & Protection Products?

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In order to find a reliable PPE supplier, a buyer must be well-educated, especially in terms of certifications needed for particular PPE products. For example, EU regulation recognizes three categories in its certification process:

  • PPE Category I (minor risks) – This category covers personal protective equipment for which user can perceive gradual changes over time, that aren’t threatening (for example, gloves for gardening or rain protection)
  • PPE Category II – This category covers personal protective equipment that isn’t covered by first or third category and it usually goes for safety gloves used against mechanical risks or high-visibility clothing
  • PPE Category III – This type of PPE should protect from life-threatening situations or serious and irreversible damage to human health. This category covers danger where the user is not capable to identify the immediate effect of the jeopardy. PPE in this category is the one used by firefighters and recently healthcare workers in COVID facilities

Certifications for PPE:

  • EU type-examination (certificate) – This certificate can be issued by the notified body only, in case the particular set of products is subject to the EU harmonization legislation and assessment procedure is already done. This applies to PPE categories II and III
  • Product certificate – This certificate is usually issued by a certification center. Again, if the product is subject to the EU harmonization legislation and no EU type-examination is provided. It covers PPE in category I
  • Confirmations – issued for products that aren’t subject to any EU Directive and Regulation

As you can see, there are certain steps and examinations needed before a factory can start sourcing their PPE to end customers, so buyers should have their eyes wide open and ask for these or similar certifications before a purchase.

Why is MarketSource Asia safety company leader in PPE production?

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During the search for reliable PPE supplier, you should take a look at their history. At Market Source Asia, we have been working for over 20 years in the product sourcing and development market. This makes us an experienced and reliable partner, for any buyer who needs to source PPE and Medical Products with the best quality, certificates and know-how. 

A lot of our products integrate a combination of advanced materials, electronics, and mechanical systems that assist end-users to avoid dangerous or life-threatening situations. Our product line is very comprehensive and our PPE is available all over the world: we have sourced Medical and Protection Products to trusted listed Companies, Hospital Groups and large Healthcare Organizations in the United States and Europe.

For each order, we make sure all laboratory tests are checked and verified, and we also vet and audit the manufacturers with our own teams.


As you can see, the production and distribution of PPE is not a child play, and it should be taken seriously. People’s lives depend on it. Unfortunately, there will always be new and faulty factories who will try to get rich quickly, ignoring to comply with international standards when it comes to quality assurance and certifications of their PPE products. 

Luckily, there are a lot of reliable suppliers that will provide customers with the best products. Buyers just need to spend some time researching and educating about the products they need, and everything should fall in place. 

Get in touch with us now to know more about the PPE Market and how we can help you source reliable, quality-controlled, certified products.

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