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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

How does it work

Our team of experts can source almost any product within the consumer retail space, along with competitive price points and fast, efficient production management - and have done for a number of global brands. We cover every category from fashion to lifestyle, from homeware to tech, from health to beauty, from promotional to sustainable, to virtually anything and beyond. Our services include:

Receive and evaluate project request

Product and supplier price and quality analysis

Sampling and Testing

Factory audits and QC management

Branding & product developments

End to end production management

Service Options

Start-Up Package

● 2 well suited and validated factory options which have been vetted by our sourcing team (not from Alibaba)
Includes Name, Address, Telephone, Email contact, Previous Customer List, Number of Employees, Size of Factory, Capacity
● Specific lab reports needed to be tested for export/import to your desired countries
● Obtain the factory's business license and certificates
● Order information - Price, MOQ, Sample Lead Times, Order Lead Times, Certification Lead Times
● Price negotiation to ensure you are getting a fair price
● Order term negotiation

Production Package

● Market Source Manufacturer Audit Report – Experienced auditor assessment of the factories compliance, security, capabilities, quality and management operations
● Market Source Construction Check – Specialized team to check over production optimization, raw material quality and machine quality prior to mass production
● Market Source Production Check – Dedicated Quality Control Team which will analyze mass production at the 30% complete based on AQL levels deemed necessary for the product. This includes a corrective action plan for any foreseen issues which we will hold the factory accountable for prior to shipment.
● Market Source Pre-Shipment Check – Dedicated Quality Control Team which will analyze mass production at the 100% complete and 80% packed stage ensuring that the final products are compliant with customer standards