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Protective Face Masks: A Full Guide to Finding & Sourcing the Best Ones

While the global economy is suffering from an unexpected pandemic of COVID-19, there is a part of the market which is getting a huge benefit from this situation, and its growth is staggering. We’re talking about the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), and especially protective face masks that are recommended and, in some countries, in mandatory use against virus infection.

It is already obvious that proper behaviors help in containing and stopping the spreading of the coronavirus, and besides social distancing, one of the best ways to protect yourself and others is to wear protective masks both inside and outside. 

Of course, since the market is growing, there are many new factories and suppliers, and you should be well informed before investing in a particular mask. 

This article will give you a comprehensive insight into types, specifications, and expected prices you should take into consideration before buying protective masks.

disposable surgical mask

Types of protective masks and their recommended usage:

If we’re talking about the public use of protective masks, WHO and CDS approve surgical and basic face masks. These masks are just what you need to prevent spreading the virus and keep yourself safe and healthy.

There are a lot of types of different face masks and here’s the list of the ones currently available in the market:

1) Basic Cloth Face Mask

types of masks

This mask is the one mostly used by people during the pandemic and can be found in almost every store. It has durable three-layer construction, it’s made of breathable fabric and it has stretchable ear loops.

If you’re eager to buy more than 100 of them, you can get a very good price of around $0.60. The basic cloth face mask is your golden standard when it comes to daily protection from Coronavirus.

2) Disposable Surgical Face Mask

a person in ppe holding cloth face mask

Another in line is a slightly better surgical mask which also has three-layer construction and ear-loop design, but is a bit thicker and more pricey.

This mask is also great for everyday use against spreading the virus and can be bought for approximately $1.70.

3) N95 Respirator

N95 respirator

Next in line is a mask that is mostly used in healthcare by medical first responders and care workers. These masks aren’t usually worn by the general public and they should be used by people who work directly with patients.

The reason for that is an increasing demand for this mask and it is better to be left for those who are fighting the virus in the first lines. The price of the N95 respirator varies between $5 and $50, depending on the model and supplier.

4) Filtering Facepiece Respirator

Filtering Facepiece Respirator

This type of mask is usually used in order to decrease breathing in particles that come from pollen, animal dander, and wood dust. They are disposable like surgical masks but aren’t used for preventing airborne illnesses.

The price of these masks also varies, so it would be great to directly contact a supplier such as MarketSource Asia and get all the needed information.

5) KN95 Respirator

These masks are almost the same as the N95 since both of them can stop around 95% of the tiny particles. The main difference between KN95 and N95 is that the latter can prevent larger particles to come in contact with the protected area.

They are also made of high-quality cloth and their price starts at around $6 per piece.

6) Full-Length Face Shield

If you’ve been watching TV during the coronavirus outbreak you may have seen that medical stuff wears a piece of protective gear much similar to ones worn by welders.

This face shield is a plastic version that keeps the entire face safe from exposure. A cushioned headband is spreading from chin to forehead and stopping interference between virus and face. 

Keep in mind that this mask is hard to breathe in if worn for a long time. The price for a bigger purchase is around $3, but it would be best to contact a reliable source such as MarketSource Asia and ask for info.

7) P100 Respirator – Gas Mask

P100 respirator gas mask

Another respirator that is not usually used by medical and healthcare workers is P100. This type of protection is mainly used by woodworkers, painters, and other professionals working with chemicals, lead, or asbestos.

This mask is definitely not recommended to be used as a prevention against novel coronavirus. Again, this respirator can be bought for as low as $39, but the price can be much higher depending on manufacturer and supplier.

8) Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

This mask is created and used by people who get in dangerous situations, like firefighter do, for example. It helps them breathe in the air in places where oxygen is not that available.

It shouldn’t be used by the general public during the pandemic since firefighters and other professionals need them more.

NOTE: All Masks Need to be Certified

All the products we source for our buyers are FDA / CE Approved, click here to know more

Before purchasing any PPE product you need to make sure that their manufacturer and supplier have all needed certifications. This is important because counterfeit equipment is not only illegal but it can seriously impact your well-being in a negative way. 

You should be sourcing your PPE and face masks from reliable companies, such as MarketSource Asia, that already have 510k approval, and FDA, CE, and EN certifications. The process of certification is very strict and every serious company must go through it if they want to be a supplier in this area of industry. 

MSA (MarketSource Asia) is a great choice because it is a company with more than two-decade experience, highly educated, and versatile team, and on top of that because they have all needed certifications so you’ll know you’re getting a safe and product of high-quality.


disposable mask and gloves on the floor

It is clear that global healthcare is under a lot of pressure thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone should find their role which will assist the medical system and leed toward victory against the invincible enemy.

Finding good PPE and keeping people around you safe is crucial during these hard times, and that’s the reason why you should get well educated about the PPE market, its products, and of course sourcing agencies that will help you in this noble endeavor. 

Get in touch with us now to know more about the PPE Market and how we can help you source reliable, quality-controlled, certified products.

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